Soho Watch Company,
a place for watches to last the test of time.

  • Soho Watch Company was founded by two young entrepreneurs.
  • As friends the pair shared a passion for watches. Caring for their small but mighty collection was hugely important to them both. Yet they felt that having somewhere to “house” their watch on a daily basis was missing.
  • Connecting an aspiration to actuality, the pair brought together their ambitious minds and a love for the finer things to join forces and set up Soho Watch Company. The company you see today has come along way, but ultimately it is still two friends pursuing a passion for watches.
  • Soho Watch Company aims to help watch lovers alike admire and preserve their timepiece to ensure it lasts for generations to come. 
  • Designed and hand made in London, our watch stands are quintessentially British. Our London based marble supplier uses small batches of natural sourced materials, derived from rare marbles, making each of our stands truly unique.
  • Each marble base has been finished to perfection using modern machinery to cut the marble into our iconic round base which is then hand polished to bring out the true beauty of the natural stone.
  • We fuse together the finest quality materials with soft cow’s leather, high-grade stainless-steel rods, and a collection of rare small-batch marbles from around the world.
  • Our design emulates the masterpiece of a watch, acting as the perfect complement to your timepiece and encapsulating its unique story.
  • Watches are often our most prized possession. But all too often, we don’t look after them as we should. We can lose sight of what it really means.
  • A watch can be bought in memory of a moment, individual or achievement, or passed down from generation to generation. At Soho Watch Company, we believe that every watch has a story personal to its owner, and because of that every watch should be carefully looked after, allowing it to run the test of time and continue to tell a story for years to come.
  • Sometimes, life requires you to take off your treasured timepiece. We designed our Soho Watch Stand to offer you a place to keep your watch safe from unnecessary scratches.