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Primavera Marble - Limited Edition Watch Stand

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For our watch stands each natural stone is hand-selected and, as the name implies, are products of nature. Each base is unique in texture, colour, veining and pattern. These differences and disparities are what makes our Soho Watch Stands unique and personal, just like your very own timepiece. For these reasons your marble base watch stand may vary from the pictures on our website.

For these reasons your limited edition marble base may vary from the pictures on this page. Please have a look at our gallery to see how the bases may vary.

*Watches are not included. 


Soho Watch Stands

Marble base:
Diameter: 120mm
Thickness: 20mm

Material: Soft Black Leather
Size: 70mm wide / 85mm long / 12mm thick

Total height: 15.5cm
Weight: 700 grams

Watch Pouches

Material: Suede

Height: 14cm
Width: 7cm

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